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Welcome to Kid City Airport! But this is no ordinary city airport. Here you can learn all about the history of aviation, from the Wright Brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier for the first time in the X-1, Scott Crossfield paving the way for space flight in the X-15, the first passenger jet flights, the dog fights of World War II and the test pilots who became our first astronauts.
You can also visit the home of the U.S. Air Force, a historic aircraft carrier, the National Air and Space Museum, futuristic experimental planes and the skilled pilots of the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels flying teams. And you can even simulate a jet approaching the runway for a landing!


National Air & Space Museum
US Air Force Museum
Edwards Air Force Base Test Center
USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum
Aviation Corner
Aero Kids Aerospace
Virginia Air & Space Museum
NASA Dreyden Research Center
US Navy Blue Angels Flying Team
Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum
Boeing Aircraft
Chuck Yeager X-1 Supersonic
Online Movies of the X-15
Visit JFK International Airport-NYC
Visit Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam in 3D


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