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This is one of National Children's Coalition's central places to find the latest and most complete information about kids and teens--and the most complete listing of great places and projects for children and youth on the World Wide Web.

Please bookmark this page and check back regularly, e-mail,or call us at 510 316-7100 with suggestions and more links to submit kids' and teens' art and short writings (250 words or less) on any subject of concern to kids (we have neat prizes for anything used!).

Be sure to use our new HOMEWORK/REFERENCE section for many kinds of subjects on the Internet you can make use of in your schoolwork--and for fun, too! And be part of KIDSPEAK On the Net and let us know how you feel about all kinds of things that are important to teens and kids. We want to hear from you, your answers might get published and you just might win a prize, too!

And teens, be sure to check out our new HIGH SCHOOL CENTRAL and our new TEENSURFER and KIDSURFER sites!!



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